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A short trip to Jhajjar, Haryana

Jhajjar is a district in Haryana state of India. It was carved out of Rohtak district in the year 1997.

Yesterday, we went to the  Beri wali mata mandir in Jhajjar district. On the way, we also stopped at Budho Mata mandir in Farrukhnagar. While returning back, we spent some time at Gokuldhaam Gau Seva Mahateerth and Sultanpur National Park. In this post I will provide some details and photographs of all these places. (click on the pictures to view enlarged images)

Beri Wali Mata ka Mandir

  • It is actually Mata Bhimeshwari Devi temple, located in a small town named Beri, of Jhajjar district. It is commonly known as Beri wali mata ka mandir. The temple is around 55-60 kms. from Gurgaon and takes about 1.5 hrs by car. The road to Jhajjar is a very good 4 lane highway. Driving was a breeze as the weather was quite pleasant.
  • It was named Bhimeshwari devi due to the installation of the idol of the goddess by Bhima during the period of Mahabharata.
  • Every day the idol of devi is taken from an outer temple to inner temple at around 12 pm and then back in the evening. This ritual has been going on since the period of Mahabharata.
  • Mata Bhimeshwari is regarded as the Goddess of happiness and success.
  • Every year lakhs of people visit this temple. Maximum crowd comes during the Navratras, which occur twice a year in the months of Chaitra and Ashwani (according to the Hindu calendar). During Navratras, there is a huge fair and hundreds of shops are beautifully decorated.
  • Newly married couples come here to re-tie the nuptial knot once again before the goddess. Mundan ceremony (first hair cut) of the male child is also done here very commonly.
  • In the same comples, there is also a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • The whole temple complex was under renovation during our visit.
  • This temple can be easily reached by buses, train, taxis, or by private vehicle.
  • There are many shops outside the temple, selling prasad and toys for kids.
  • Enough parking space is available.

Budho Mata Mandir

  • This is a famous shrine located in Mubarakpur village, about 5 kms. from Farrukhnagar in Gurgaon district of Haryana.
  • This temple ia around 20-25 kms. from Gurgaon and takes about 40 minutes by car.
  • Thousands of devotees come here to take the blessings of the goddess.
  • Devotees offer prayers to the goddess and light diyaas at a designated area.
  • There are also few other small temples in the same complex.
  • A big fair is organised every Wednesday, which is visited by locals and tourists. Wednesday is called Budhwaar in hindi hence the name Budho Mata mandir. There are shops selling prasad, various snacks, and toys for kids.
  • Newly married couples come here to re-tie the nuptial knot once again before the goddess. Mundan ceremony (first hair cut) of the male child is also done here very commonly.
  • There is a pond in the temple complex. People take out some mud from the pond and worship as a ritual.
  • Here also maximum crowd comes during the Navratras.
  • Enough parking space is available in the vicinity.
  • There is one small Budho Mata mandir in Jhajjar also but it is not so famous.

Gokuldhaam Gau Seva Mahateerth

  • This is a cattle hospital, established in the year 2013 by Shri Sunil Nimana. It is located on Jhajjar-Gurgaon road, Jhajjar district, Haryana.
  • It is spread over few acres of a leased land and continuosly expanding. It is first of its kind in Haryana.
  • Thousands of sick and injured cows and other cattle are brought here and given excellent medical treatment.
  • They have excellent facilities and a dedicated team for the treatment of cows.
  • Anybody can report a sick or injured cow at their ambulance number 8816809191.
  • This hospital is run privately with the help of public donations. You can also make your contributions for the welfare of cows. Shri Sunil Nimana can be contacted on his personal no. 9813820938.
  • I will be writing a more detailed post about this Cow hospital on my another blog Ye Soochna Janhit Me Jaari.

Sultanpur National Park

  • Sultanpur National Park is located in Gurgaon district of Haryana on Gurgaon-Farrukhnagar Road. It is about 15 kms. from Gurgaon and makes a nice weekend getaway for the people of Gurgaon as well as Delhi.
  • This is a paradise for bird lovers. It is famous for vast variety of resident and migratory birds which come from Europe, Siberia and Central Asia during winter months.
  • Sultanpur lake was given the status of Bird Sanctuary in the year 1971 and later upgraded to the National Park in 1991.
  • It takes about 1.5 to 2 hrs. to have a full round of the park. You can also spot Neelgai(Blue bull), deer and Black bucks. It is advisable to carry a binocular for bird spotting.
  • Rosy Pelican Tourist Complex is run by Haryana Tourism and provides very good facilities for stay among the lush greens with sweet melodies of the birds.
  • There are good facilities for food, water, toilets, and vehicle parking.
  • December to February is the peak season for visit. The park is closed on Tuesdays.
  • It is also closed during most of the summer months. For this reason we couldn’t watch any birds this time.
  • For more information you can check Haryana tourism website.

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Tamil Nadu trip

Though I have traveled to many places in last few months but it has been a long time since I have written any post.

Two months back I went to Tamil Nadu for 10 days, covering Chennai, Kodaikanal, Madurai and Rameswaram. There are many more nice places to see in Tamil Nadu which I’ll be travelling to later. All these four cities offered a lot to cherish and share.

This one was my second solo trip (first one was to Hyderabad in November last year, which I’ll try to post asap). I had some amazingly unique experiences on this trip. Out of ten days, I spent 4 days in Chennai, 3 in Kodaikanal, 1 and a half each in Madurai and Rameswaram. I planned it quite well taking lot of help from TripAdvisor reviews. I pre-booked all my travels and hotels in advance. It was a medium budget comfortable trip and I spent roughly Rs. 30000 including airfares from Delhi. I traveled short distances by trains, local buses as well as cabs, stayed in good hotels and ate at lots of famous restaurants. There was NO shopping at all. For someone on a tight budget, the whole trip could be done for around Rs. 20000 without missing much fun. And if you are more people, many expenses can be shared too!

Climate : Tamil Nadu has tropical climate…summers are quite hot (from March to July-Aug), winters are pleasant (Nov to mid Feb, a light jacket is enough), and it usually rains during March and Aug to Oct. Best times to visit are Oct-Nov and mid Jan-Feb as it would be pleasant in most parts. Hill stations like Kodaikanal can be quite cold in winters and moderate rest of the year. Best advice would be to check latest weather updates before planning as rains can be uncertain sometimes.

Connectivity : Chennai and Madurai have international airports with good connectivity. Whole of Tamil Nadu is very well connected to rest of the India with a great railway network. Last mile transportation can be done easily through buses or taxis.

Language : Tamil is the main language of Tamil Nadu. There is good level of literacy and a lot of migrant population as well so you will find many people speaking Hindi and English. If you can speak English there won’t be much problem as a tourist.

Food : South Indian food comprises many dishes, not just Dosa-Idli. It is very tasty but quite spicy, can be little difficult for foreign tourists on longer trips. Popular vegetarian dishes include idli, vada, dal-vada, dosa, utappam, rice varieties, ragi dishes, sambhar, rasam, malabar parotha, etc. Thali system is very popular for main meals among locals. A large population of Tamil Nadu eats non-vegetarian food which includes fish, sea food, chicken, meat, etc. In addition, all big cities have multi-cuisine restaurants to cater the needs of all. Their Filter Coffee is so amazing that you will want it again and again. Though all fruits are consumed in plenty but Banana is the most popular. Here you will get many varieties of bananas varying in sizes and colour. Soon, I will be writing reviews of all the places where I ate on TripAdvisor.

There are numerous beautiful huge temples all over south India, constructed hundreds of years ago. They are quite similar in architecture and made of huge dark greyish stones with immaculate carvings. Many have beautiful colourful paintings depicting gods and goddesses. It is astonishing to see the high level of accuracy and workmanship in the times when there were hardly any tools available. And the structures stand up so strong even after hundreds of years, unshattered even by natural forces. The symmetry, use of geometry and practicality is really unbelievable. In most temples you will find a huge wooden entrance door, tall brass pillar, statue of the Nandi (the holy bull) and idols of various deities, gods and goddesses.

In Chennai I went to Vivekananda House and  many well known temples namely Kapaleeshwar temple, Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Sri Sai Baba temple, Tirupati temple, Isckon temple and Parthasarthy temple. I also volunteered for a turtle walk which is organised by a group involved in conservation of Olive Ridley turtles. It was an awesome experience. I also visited Mahabalipuram which is about 55 kms from main Chennai city.

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station in Tamil Nadu, at height of around 2000 metres(approx. 6500 feet). It is a very green and peacefull hill station, not too much crowded, and has various tourist spots and amazing places to satisfy your taste buds.

Madurai is an ancient yet quite modern and well developed city of Tamil Nadu. It is known for very famous Sri Meenakshi Amman Temple, dedicated to the goddess Parvati, and there are many other beautiful temples. There is also a Gandhi Museum, which houses various photographs and things used by Mahatma Gandhi. It also includes a part of the blood-stained garment worn by Gandhi when he was assassinated.

Rameswaram is a small town located on Pamban island in Tamil Nadu. It is famous for Shri Ramanathaswamy Temple, which has great significance for hindus in India. It is one of the Char Dhaams and also one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. There is also famous Pamban railway bridge(first sea bridge in India) and beautiful Dhanushkodi beach.

Here, I’ll post few pictures from my trip. (click on the pictures to view enlarged images)

There’s a lot of information and wonderful pictures. I’ll cover my trip in few individual posts.

Stay tuned!!