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Wanna drive outside India?? ….read on!!

If you love travelling and have that passion to drive, you would be enthralled to know that there are many foreign countries where you can drive with your Indian licence.

n-ROAD-TRIP-ABROAD-large570Here’s a list of roadtrip-friendly countries, where all you need is your Indian driving licence to take the wheel.

With Left-hand driving:

Great Britain

Great Britain(England, Scotland and Wales) allows foreigners to drive with their home country’s licence for one year but only for the class of vehicle which your licence permits.


In Australia also you can drive with your Indian licence. But in Northern Territory, it is permitted only for a period of three months.

New Zealand

You can enjoy the breath-taking drives all along the New Zealand, but you should be at least 21 yrs old to rent a car there.

South Africa

South Africa is another country with left-hand driving where you can drive with your valid Indian licence. Make sure your Indian driving license is valid, is entirely in English and it has your photo and signature. Some vehicle hire companies ask for an IDP(International Driving Permit)when hiring a car. Confirm it, so that you can have it in time.

With Right-hand driving:


You can drive for a period of one year in USA with your Indian licence. You also need to have a copy of the I-94 form, which shows the date you entered the US.


Indian visitors can drive in Germany for up to six months against a valid Indian driving license. It is advisable to get an IDP, otherwise, obtain a translation of your Indian driving license from any German diplomatic mission.


France allows Indian drivers to drive for a year against a valid Indian license, as long as they also carry a French translation with them.


Everyone’s favourite alpine country with its turquoise lakes and snow-capped mountains allows Indian visitors to drive for up to one year on a valid Indian driving license.


Norway allows Indian nationals to drive its roads for three months after entering the country.

How to get your International Driving Permit: international-driving-permit1


  • You need to hold a valid driving license and a valid passport.
  • Fill out and submit form CMV 4-A and medical form CMV 1 and CMV 1A, with attested copies of your passport and Indian driving license. This can be done at any regional transport office (RTO).
  • You will also have to submit three-to-five passport-sized photographs.
  • You must show a valid visa for the country in which you wish to drive.

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Happy travelling!!

Safe driving!!