✈ Flying with Dog for the First Time

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Dutchie and I had prepared that someday we might have to (temporary) leave the Netherlands to pursue one’s career. Thus, when the opportunity came, the first thing we did was extensive search on the best company to fly our Labrador-mix dog, Dante, from Rotterdam (the Netherlands) to Minneapolis (USA). Since his weight was 25 kilograms (55lbs), he could not join us in the cabin. We had to check him as “baggage” or as cargo.

Really, I will fly?! Really, I will fly?! ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ ✈

Our choice went to a recommended and reputable company specialized in flying pets overseas via cargo. To my surprise, the company did not take our questions seriously, and we were disappointed by their ignorance. The next and our only option then was to fly Dante directly with an airline without additional extra assistance and assurance. I was not happy by this. If you searched online, there were hardly airlines…

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