Stuff You Should Carry on Your Road Trip


Most of us love travelling. Even those few who don’t, have to travel for work or business or to attend some occassions. Nowdays, owing to better road connectivity and much advanced & comfortable vehicles, many of us go for long drives for various purposes as cited above.

Here I will share with you various things which you should carry in your car to make your journeys trouble-free. You can carry most of this stuff in just an old medium sized duffle bag. The importance of each item varies depending on individual perspective.

road trip

It would be really great to have your valuable inputs and suggestions!!!

Must Have Things All the Time in Your Car :

  1. Service booklet and car manual: Many people consider it useless and don’t carry it. Ideally you should go through it atleast once. Some small tips may be very helpful when you are struck at a far-off place with no authorized service centre.
  2. Documents: You should always carry all your vehicle documents in original as well as photocopies. Others like Mediclaim Card, I-Card and prescription of your eyeglasses(if you have one) should also be there with you to deal with any emergencies.
  3. Notebook and Pen: To note down any important information on your way.
  4. Medical Kit: Apart from the First-aid kit provided with your vehicle you should also have some basic medicines( I will list them in another post) always in your car. Those with prescription glasses should keep a spare spects in their cars.
  5. Car charger: Very essential for long drives especially if you use GPS on your smartphones.
  6. Bluetooth Headset: People can spend lakhs on their expensive cars but can’t spend just few thousand rupees for something which can save their lives as well as others. Please start using one if you are one of those ignorant ones.
  7. Torch: To carry out minor repairs during dark if ever be needed.
  8. Iron Rod: Keep a small iron rod for self defence specially if you travel during night or through some lonely patches of road. And keep it where you can reach it easily like by your seat’s side i.e. between the door & your seat.
  9. Music: For long drives stock enough of your favourite music to keep you engaged during the drive.
  10. Cleaning cloths & Newspapers: Newspapers are best to clean your windshield and windows(newspaper ink acts as a polish for the glass).
  11. Polybags & paperbags
  12. Tyre puncture repair kit
  13. Nylon Rope(approx. 15-20 ft.): For towing your vehicle in case of a breakdown or maybe to help others on the way. Might also come handy to tie your extra luggage.
  14. Water bottle & Petrol can: Always keep atleast 1ltr water in your boot which might be used to clean your windshield or for any other purpose. Petrol can if you get your tank empty in middle of nowhere.
  15. Umbrella: On long drives you may pass through different weathers and may encounter unexpected rains.
  16. Turmeric powder/M-Seal: In case of an accident where your radiator develops a crack or leakage, put some turmeric powder in the radiator, it will act as a sealant. M-seal also to seal any cracks or leakage anywhere in your vehicle.


For Long Road Trips:

You may not have these all the time in your car but should not miss on long journeys atleast.

  1. Duplicate keys
  2. Spare cash hidden somewhere in your car
  3. Food items: For long trips always carry some snacks & dry fruits. You might not always be lucky to find a good restaurant or dhaba on the highways when you need it the most. Even a plain sugar sachet is like a bliss in those times.
  4. Chewing gums: To keep you engaged & awake while driving.
  5. Soap: Again minor cracks or leaks can be temporarily fixed using a soap cake.
  6. Good knife: To cut fruits or salads you may buy on your way. Never buy cut fruits from a vendor if you love your stomach. Knife can also be used to cut your seatbelts (if you care enough to wear them) if they get jammed during an accident.
  7. Cello tape/ Duct tape: To fix any broken part or windshield or lights during an accident.
  8. Air pump & pressure gauge: If you are going to travel through very desserted areas.
  9. Extra toolkit: If you know to do some minor repairs yourself.
  10. Extra phone: You may carry a very basic extra phone in case your main phone gets lost or stolen or just dies out. Don’t forget to save important phone numbers in that extra phone.
  11. GPS Navigator: Though we have great navigation apps in our smartphones but while on highways & passing through outskirts of cities mobile network is hardly good enough to run those apps.
  12. Baby seat: If you are traveling with a baby on long drives it better to have a baby seat to ensure their safety and comfort.
  13. Drinking water: If your vehicle has large enough boot, carry a 20ltr bisleri jar with a dispenser to save on water bottles or atleast carry 5ltr bottles. In any case keep yourself well hydrated during those journeys.


Again many of you will find this list not so useful but believe me you will thank me if you ever get in a difficult situation ever on your trip.

You should go on that pleasure trip worry free and it is always best to be prepared for the worst.

Have a nice, safe and memorable trip….!!!!!





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