Introduction to my blog

About the Title- For the non-Hindi readers, the title means “Keep roaming thus oh traveller”. This is a line from a song of famous hindi movie ‘Swades’ starring Shah Rukh Khan. Click here for full song lyrics with translation. Click here for YouTube link. You will definitely like the song.

I love traveling a lot. Since childhood I have been to many places in India and few abroad too, mostly with my family.

Mostly we plan the trips ourselves instead of taking up a holiday package. That saves a considerable money and makes us more involved & enthusiastic. Before going anywhere we try to gather some information about the place, local food & local sight-seeing.

In earlier times it was not so easy. Today you can find most of the information online. But still sometimes it becomes confusing with so much of extra information.

Here in my blog I’ll share my travel experiences alongwith some important information about those destinations. You may share your experiences which can be helpful to many. I will also try to write posts about other things related to travel which I hope you will like.

Please give your valuable feedbacks and ask questions and help me to make this blog a success.

Lets begin the journey……!!!!!!


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